Infertility is slowly becoming a very big problem for the fast life and modern era. We all directly or indirectly know someone who is suffering from this problem in their life. We have here a list of some most effective ayurvedic treatments through which you can help yourself or others to cure infertility by changing a bit in their lifestyle.
1- Swedanam:
 This means removing the toxins from your body through the sweat. This is done by making the patient full of sweating with the help of heavy blankets or even exercises. This is strongly advised by Ayurveda doctors. By doing this, the patient gets the sweat on all over the body and the sweat takes out the toxins of the human body.
2- Vamanam: 
Due to this, the patient may get vomiting. But, according to Ayurveda, this is vomiting can take out all the toxins from the body. This is called Ayurvedic therapy. This is somewhere uncomfortable for the patient. But, the in-digestive food can be taken out with this therapy.
3- Bark of Banyan Tree: 
Take Dried Banyan Tree and make powder of it. Make a mixture of banyan powder, sugar. The patient can consume this mixture to get rid of the infertility issues. This is purely suggested by the Ayurveda Doctors.
4- Ashwagandha Churna And Kapikacchu:
 This is a gift to the men. These two are used as medicines to increase and balance the sperm count and also improve the quality of sperms. This is again a great way to overcome infertility.
5- Phala Gritam:
This, Ayurvedic Medicine, is used to treat infertility in females. This should be consumed in liquified butter mixed with milk. This is helpful to treat the functional problems but does not heal the structural deficiencies.
6- Guduchi, Gokshura, and Triphala Churna:
 There is the production of Shukra Dhatu in the human body. These medicines prevent the production of this Shukra Dhatu. These medicines clear the blockage of the body as well. The blockage removal removes infertility.
7- Shatavari:
 This is only used to prevent the Women infertility. This is women medicine used by Ayurveda doctors.
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