Nobody will ever say that i have a small penis. But yes if you do have then you have to read these tips to make your partner happy and satisfied with you.

  1. Calm Down:

Yes, Men. This is not that big thing to worry about. This is all about how you and your partner use it. If your partner is in deep love with, this thing hardly matters to them. The only aim is to reach the outer third vaginal. If your penis reaches that third out vaginal layer, that’s it. You will get a lot of stimulation. The main thing in this is that the majority of the women do not feel amazing with the penetration. They like the oral one or manual stimulation in other words. Most of the cases in women, they do not get an orgasm from vaginal penetration only.

  1. Remember the Golden Rule:

Always keep the golden Rule in Mind which states that never hurt your partner’s feelings. If your male partner keeps talking about his small size, always support him by saying “l like the way our bodies fit together “or “I think we have a lot of chemistry in the relation, I pay more attention to than anything else”. By doing this, your male partner will not feel embarrassed being an owner of the Smaller one.

  1. Find the Best Position:

This can be also a remedy for the people with a small gun. Every time you have private time with your partner, find the new and comfortable position. Comfortable position means the position which allows you to hold the legs closely and tight. It’s also helpful to find positions where your crotches stay close together.

  1. Work Your Kegels:

Making the PC Muscles strong can help in tight intercourse. Your PC muscles form a hammock across your pelvis. They play a number of different roles, but they can help your vaginal walls contract and feel tighter. Like any other muscle in your body, exercise can strengthen them.

  1. Experiment with Anal:

This is real happiness for the women from their partner having small penises. Anal sex can be much more Pleasurable with the small penis. A lot of women report that anal sex is too painful if a guy is on the larger side, but you’re far less likely to have this problem. This may be the perfect time for you to start exploring the joys of anal.


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