Sexual dysfunctions have clawed every society globally, barring no gender and not limiting to any specific community. Indian society is no exception. In fact the Indian society has a harder battle to fight like the stereotypical taboos and socio-psychological factors related to sex. There is a general lack of acceptance to female sexual response in India. Female dysfunction, desire deficiency and women anaorgasmia is not considered as important as they are merely seen as objects for producing babies. To get a result yielding process it is important to target the deep rooted problem of conventional boundaries.

One of the earliest male sexual dysfunction study and medical literature dates back to 1950, on the other hand Female sexual dysfunction largely remains to be a topic that is unexplored yet open for a massive scrutiny. Inhibited or hypo sexual desire disorder in female is the most common FSD which is often diagnosed by women as no problem at all. The reason sexual state for women in India is ill is because of the prolonged ignorance. Talk to an expert and see the difference in your life, call us at: Divya Urja 7528875282.

Let’s begin understanding sexual dysfunction on a whole.  The concept is characterized as any disturbance caused in the responsive rate to a sexual cycle in a person. The stages in a sexual cycle majorly categorize the area where a problem resides. Starting from desire to plateau, orgasm and resolution sexual dysfunction can occur at any of the above stage. To know it better let’s name these dysfunctions, Female desire disorder is the, is marked by a reluctance or diminished interest in sexual activity. Lack of arousal to indulge in sex is a characteristic feature of this kind of FSD which is followed by the second most common dysfunction i.e. Anaorgasmia in women, which is a disturbance in the process of sexual intercourse with lack of orgasm or reduction in the intensity of pleasure or stimulation(orgasmic sensation)

Female infertility, on the other hand is not just a sexual dysfunction but a problem in conceiving that occurs majorly due to ovulation. This is the problem that stands tall on your road to motherhood as an obstacle. While there are several ayurvedic medicine for infertility, there are several factors that they don’t address. Divya Urja a natural remedy for FSD and infertility not only has proven to be a 100% cure to your problems but is also safe to be used by BP & diabetes patients with 0 side effects.


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