If you want to stay healthy and keep your partner healthy and happy as well, then you must try these habits :

  1. Choose Your Birth Control Wisely:

Your birth controlling pills can have side effects on your body like low libido, mood swings, weight gain. Whenever you think of controlling birth, just have a word with your doctor. The doctor can give you the best and sustainable way to enjoy your sex life without any other problems. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with the natural birth control methods like using protection before the sex, you can go for copper IUD and silicon Diaphragms.

  1. Practice Safe Sex:

This means, you need to have a word with your new partner about their sexual history and this should be done BEFORE Sex. The main thing is your partner should be honest enough to confess everything. Use protection (condoms) before having sex. You should not be like that saying you have been having sex and you are on pills. This is not cool anyway. One thing more, using condoms do not protect you from HPV. Young women in the age group of 11 to 26 years can or should get HPV vaccination that protects against genital warts and cervical cancer.

  1. Drink Lot of Water:

The hydrated body plays a great role in the healthy reproductive system. Dehydration can cause the female to vaginal dryness. This thing further can irritate the sex life and even risk of infection Is high.

  1. Use Lubricants:

This level of lubricants varies among individual women. The reason may be several like stresses, not being aroused enough, menopause, certain meds and many more. More lubrication can cause soreness and pain during intercourse.  Using lubrication does not mean that you are not enough attractive to your partner, instead it is the best way to get most out of the experience. If you’re with someone who thinks using lube is like a special birthday treat, kick him to the curb. (Feeling real into kicking insensitive partners to the curb, apparently).

  1. Do body check-ups from time to time:

It is good to do body check-up once in a year than to be covered around with the medicines for a whole year. For a female, own body test can be done on the breasts every month, right after the periods.


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